Product Code: 15

✓ It is a unique source of amin nitrogen (NH2) and calcium (Ca) that can ve used through foliar and drip irrigation applications.

✓ Because of the content it holds, it encourages rooting by balancing the hormonal level.

✓ The building blocks of protein are amino acids. In the structure of the amino acids there are amin (NH2). So when Calsimol Plus is used the protein synthesis increases and production of plant nutrients increases.

✓ Calcium (Ca) is a big element in micro elements. Plants use a great deal of energy (ATP) to carry calcium. The calcium is carried easier because of the products boron content. By this way all cells that need the calcium are reached.

✓ Lack of calcium is resolved with foliar application. The calcium passes through the stomas quickly.

✓ It can be used on all types of fruit and vegetables.

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