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Sleeve Gastric Surgery
Sleeve stomach surgery is the most common method used to treat obesity. During this operation, a rate of 65% -90% is removed depending on the width of the stomach.
This part is the section that mainly provides the hunger hormone “ghrelin” and diabetic hormones. After the operation, patients lose 65-70% of their excess weight in approximately 12 months. The patient can increase this rate of weight loss by up to 100% through exercise or other supportive factors.

Gastric Balloon
In addition to surgical interventions, endoscopic interventions are also available to treat obesity. Among them the most common gastric balloon application.
Who is the gastric balloon suitable for?
It can be used on anyone who can tolerate endoscopy.
It can be used in patients who do not want an operation, in patients without a gastric hernia or ulcer, in people without previous gastric surgery, in psychiatric illnesses, and in alcohol and drug addictions.

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