Product Code: 001

Paletless transfer of your goods in an economic way ..
Advantages :
Saving in purchasing : 1 euro pallet = abt. €8
1 slip sheet = abt. €1
**annual saving can be calculated according to annual consumption.

Saving in warehousing : 1 pallet = 15cm high
1 slip sheet = 1mm high
**1000pallets will take 144m3 in your warehouse, 1000 slip sheets will take 0.96m3 in your warehouse

Volume saving in transportation : It is used instead of a pallet and 15cm pallet height is gained in container/trucks. Volume saving : 15cm for 1 pallet , 30cm if 2 pallets are stuffed on top of each other.

Weight saving in transportation : 1 euro pallet is abt. 30-35kg , 1 slip sheet is abt. 1-2kg For every pallet, saving is at least 28kg. You can load abt. 1000kg more commodity in the loading.

Fumigation is not necessary
It is a cost saving project article for multinational companies.

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